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Simply good tacos.

A taste of the Baja region of Mexicali, Mexico.


Main Menu

Mexicali Taco

Northern Baja-style: authentic harina or maiz tortilla stuffed with choice of meat*

Shrimp Taco

Adobado-grilled succulent shrimp on a cheesy corn tortilla garnished with fresh cilantro.


Crispy, golden "quesadilla"" filled with choice of meat* and infused with our special garlic sauce


The classic tostada reinvented with choice of meat* and melted Mexican cheese, topped with a savory aioli chipotle sauce


Savory harina tortillas with Mexican cheeses


A gigantic portion of all three meats & cheese sandwiched between two tasty harina tortillas


Your choice of meat* atop Crispy chips topped with choice of meat & variety of cheeses bound together wonderfully by our special salsa raja.

Queso Fundido

Monterrey jack cheese with a hint of wine, topped with your choice of meat* & flame-broiled inside traditional clay pots.

*Meats: Asada, Pollo, Chorizo, or Vegetarian. Al pastor (limited quantities daily)


Gueros (Cantonese-Baja style peppers)


Side of Chips

Ranchero (add an egg)

Garlic or Aoili Sauce


Aguas Frescas

Imported Authentic Medio Litro Coca-Cola

Sidral, Sangria

Bottled Water, Can Drinks